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Basic | Essential | Complete English Grammar

Basic • Essential • Complete English Grammar offers a systematic and comprehensive study of English grammar. The well-organized content structure makes it a handy reference suitable for self-study.

Grammar | 3 books

Adventures in Reading

Adventures in Reading uses high interest passages to engage learners. It develops reading skills, extends general knowledge and instills positive values.

Reading | 6 books

English In Context

English in Context focuses on vocabulary development through contextual use. It shows learners how various aspects of English are actually used.

Reference | 3 books

Active Reading

Active Reading contains high-interest reading texts with exercises to develop learners’ comprehension, thinking and discussion skills.

Reading | 3 books

Focus on Comprehension

Focus on Comprehension provides rigorous guidance to develop comprehension skills and prepare learners for formal assessments.

Comprehension | 4 books

Focus on Grammar

Focus on Grammar is an intensive grammar course with full coverage of all grammar topics for intermediate and advanced learners.

Grammar | 5 books

Grammar Plus

Grammar Plus is a complete grammar course covering all key areas of grammar. It provides step-by-step progression from grammar at word to sentence to text levels.

Grammar | 4 books

Grammar: A Course for Students

Grammar: A Course for Students is a concise course that covers all key areas of grammar for intermediate and advanced learners.

Grammar | 1 book

Interacting With Texts

Interacting with Texts uses print and non-print resources to develop speaking, reading, listening and writing skills

Comprehension | 4 books

Mastering Writing

Mastering Writing helps learners master writing skills by integrating instruction with reading, grammar support and thinking skills.

Writing | 4 books


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