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Foundation English

Foundation English • Maths cover various important aspects of English and Mathematics to prepare young learners for the first year of formal schooling.

Grammar | 6 books

First English

First English Grammar is a picture-word book that introduces grammar and helps young learners lay a strong foundation for good English.

Grammar | 3 books

Enjoy Phonics

Enjoy Phonics helps young learners master phonics, reading and spelling with ease. It teaches the basic rules of phonics and enables learners to read with confidence.

Phonics | 3 books

Learners' Grammar Dictionary

Learner’s Grammar Dictionary focuses on language use and grammar development. It helps learners grasp the usage of grammar in the real world.

Reference | 1 book

Enjoy Handwriting

Enjoy Handwriting helps young learners master the mechanics of handwriting. Fun and creative activities engage learners, strengthen fine motor skills and promote language skills.

Handwriting | 3 books


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